Spokane Public Radio: Small Cottages Help Homeless In Spokane

SPR's Steve Jackson sat down with Edie, our Executive Director, and Mariah, a resident of the Home Yard Cottages. Listen to the audio recording here: https://www.spokanepublicradio.org/post/small-cottages-help-homeless-spokane

This is part of a series of stories in the coming weeks looking at homelessness in our communities. The culmination was a live community forum "Confronting Homelessness" hosted by SPR's Steve Jackson at The Spokane City Council Chambers on Wednesday March 20th at 6:30 p.m.


Listen to a panel of regional experts, including Edie, Transitions' Executive Director, to discuss the current state of homelessness in the Inland Northwest, as well as future initiatives:

"The city has a Cottage Housing Ordinance and Transitions was able to use that to build homes that are single-family; they're 1,000 sq. ft. or less. The Home Yard Cottages are 24 cottages and a community building; it provides them with their own unit, privacy (their own kitchen and bathroom), but they're also living in a community. Part of Transitions' work is to try and give them that support and community.

In the end, we provided housing for a lot of people who had never thought they'd ever have their own home and now they do." - Edie Rice-Sauer, Executive Director

Click HERE to listen to the 2019 Homelessness Forum: Hour One


Click HERE to listen to the 2019 Homelessness Forum: Hour Two

More details at SpokanePublicRadio.org. All photos courtesy Spokane Public Radio.