Get Jailed and Bailed for Transitions on May 11!

Jailed and Bailed for a Good Cause  

Update: Thanks to our "jailbirds" over $11,000 was raised on May 11th!
Got stripes? Earn some by participating in our annual Jailed and Bailed on Wednesday, May 11.This fun event brings community leaders and ordinary citizens together for a good cause. Participants will be "booked" at 8:00 a.m. at Transitions administrion office located at 3128 N. Hemlock St.  
We recently lost a partnership that provided $8,000 in operating support. We are asking you to help fill that budget shortfall with a one-time participation in Jailed and Bailed for Transitions.  
You will be incarcerated with access to only basic needs: food, coffee, and restroom. Remember to bring your cell phone and contact list. You will be contacting your group of friends, family and associates to post bail.

Follow these easy steps so you can get sprung from the clink:

1) Let your network know you will need their help May 11th!

2) They can pay by credit card, processed by office staff

3) They can pay by check – however you are responsible for picking that check up and bringing it back to “jail.”

4) Gifts of any amount are allowed! 

We will be taking and posting photos of the event on social media and our website, we also hope to receive press coverage.  You will be asked to wear a provided t-shirt so please let us know your t-shirt size in advance! 


Transitions is a local non-profit that works to end poverty and homelessness for women and children in Spokane.  


Questions?  Contact Kim Chaffin at or Mary Tracey at or (509)499-0410.