Comprehensive Report of Drop-In Services Available to Women and Youth in the USA

Author: Tristan Cole, 2019-2020 XPLOR participant, National Benevolent Association

Read the report in full HERE.

"The following report is a comprehensive list of drop-in centers available for women around the United States of America. Along with a list of drop-in centers for women, the report also contains a list of youth shelters, and YWCAs which were included because Transitions works with women and their children and works alongside the YWCA.

The purpose of this report is to serve as a listing database for drop-in centers available to women throughout the country, and also to serve as a resource to case managers to refer their clients to various services and centers across the country for the staff at Transitions. Transitions provides a variety of services to women and their children, and one of their main locations is at the Women’s Hearth which provides a variety of basic needs and legal services."

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