Addressing Lack of Accessible Child Care, Local Organizations Join Forces

2019 Spokane Childcare Survey

"I am not able to get child care until I find a job, but I am not able to find a job if I have no child care.” A coalition of representatives from Transitions, Spokane Regional Health District, Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery, Community-Minded Enterprises, NAOMI, and others heard a resounding chorus of similar stories from the primarily low-income Spokane-area parents recently surveyed. In a search for answers to the ongoing question of whether child care is accessible to families experiencing poverty, the coalition discovered the following results:

  • 50% couldn’t access affordable childcare for half the year or more.
  • Around one-third had challenges finding child care that could be flexible with their work schedules, be it regular, night, or weekend.
  • Almost half ended up staying home or using family instead of child care.

Acceessible, quality child care is absolutely vital to the future of all citizens in the Spokane community... but who will provide it? And who will fund it?

See the full Childcare Report here>>.

The results from this survey of Spokane residents about child care access and barriers can help raise awareness about child care needs in the Spokane area, and inform programming decisions among child care providers.