Marie Pizelo Award

Is there a volunteer you would like to acknowledge at Transtions who tirelessly supports women and children in our programs? Nominate a recipient for 2017!

Recipients of this Award in memory of Marie will have volunteered for Transitions for a minimum of seven years and embody the following 4 characteristics:

Welcoming – Marie's favorite place was at the front desk so she could welcome each woman who came in the door, understanding many are fearful and hurting.  She learned every woman’s name and greeted them by such.  She often introduced new women to others and directed them to staff if they needed extra help. 

Creative – Marie's sculptures were part of her own journey through suffering, healing and joy.  She donated many of them to the Women’s Hearth so other women could gain hope to heal their lives.  Some women said they got the courage to come in because they stood at the window and saw the sculptures.  Her sculptures are honest, as was her sharing in groups. 

Spiritual – Even in her painful childhood, she always knew God loved her.  This helped her to look for the good in everyone, to be inclusive.  It also gave her the courage to face her death with acceptance and dignity.

Compassionate – from the suffering in her own life, Marie learned and chose to be compassionate to others, ready to listen and comfort.  Perhaps most importantly, Marie became a good friend to many women at the Hearth.

Nomination Form here.

The recipent for the 2016 award is Trudy Ophus for her much appreciated time spent volunteering at Miryam's House.  The previous recipients of the award are: Brenda Tudor, 2015 (pictured above); Sonya Rose, 2014; Joyce Blazek, 2013; and Sr. Cathy Beckley, 2012.