Job Training

The New Leaf Bakery Cafe is a social enterprise project which helps women succeed through training in food service. Our professional Chef Instructor provides 20 hours of hands-on and classroom instruction each week, during a robust 6 month curriculum in our fast-paced comme. This helps women develop marketable skills, build a solid resume of work experience, while growing in confidence for community-based employment. A separate 8 week barista training takes place at our full service cafe located at 5th and Division (inside Catholic Charities).

Our well-rounded approach helps women succeed personally and professionally by focusing on:

  • Interpersonal and teamwork skills

  • A solid work ethic

  • Communication and conflict resolution skills

  • Managing stress and building healthy relationships


Vocational Specialist

Transitions employs a Vocational Specialist who works one-on-one with women in our programs. This unique service focuses on getting women ready to look for work and helps them through the process of becoming employed. The Vocational Specialist visits each program weekly. During 2017, the Vocational Specialist met one-on-one with 82 participants. Agencywide, 31 women found employment while accessing services at Transitions.