Bringing Healthy Families Together

Family reunification services involve working very closely with parents and children helping them learn how to trust in each other. After any time period of separation from a custodial parent a child experiences a great sense of loss. This requires the parent to learn to deal with how this loss manifests itself within their child's behaviors. This can mean working with families on creating routine, trust building, guilt, loss and grief for the time period lost.

Transitions provides multiple housing options for families learning how to live together again or for the first time. Families seeking housing should contact the Homeless Families Coordinated Assessment at (509)325-5005. 

Transitions operates the Strengthening Families Initiative (SFI), a dynamic housing program that assists Child Protective Services (CPS) involved families in obtaining and utilizing housing vouchers. The Family Stability Facilitator (FSF) is a provider who assists families in navigating both Spokane Housing Authority policies/procedures as well as their CPS requirements. The FSF visits families in their homes, promotes familial growth which leads to reunification and ultimately CPS case closure, acts as a client-liaison and mediator, and educates participants in Washington State Landlord Tenant Law. 

The Strengthening Families Initiative works to advance the family’s academic achievement(s), income-level, life skills and other areas as applicable via training, referrals and outreach. Prior to program exit, the FSF connects families to resources that can assist families post CPS closure/SFI involvement, consequently strengthening the prospect for ongoing success. You can contact the Family Stability Facilitator by calling (509)325-2959 ext. 311.