Work to End Poverty and Homelessness in Spokane

When you choose to invest in Transitions you are investing in safety, support and the skills for success for homeless and low-income women and children in Spokane. Transitions is unique to the Spokane community: providing one-on-one attention specialized to the needs of this under-served and marginalized population through six robust and comprehensive programs. Whatever step in her path, whatever chapter of her journey; we have a way to help each woman who makes the brave choice to change her life and ask for help.

Your investment makes sure that our doors stay open and we can continue to serve over 1,500 women and children each year. 

For more information about how you can invest in the success of homeless and low-income women in your Spokane community call (509)328-6702! Click on the "Invest" button at the top of this page to make your financial investment on Just Giving. Giving is easy and what you have to give is enough. 

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