Working to change systems that opress women and children experiencing homelessness in Spokane is part of the work of Transitions. We believe that advocating for what is right, honest and just is an essential piece of our work to end poverty and homelessness for women and children.

Some issues we believe deserve attention include:

Washington State Housing Trust Fund: Housing Trust Fund dollars support a wide variety of housing projects that serve a wide array of of low-income populations, including the homeless and low-income women and children served at Transitions.  The majority of projects funded by the Housing Trust Fund develop housing for people with special needs or living below 30% of the Area Median Income. Everyone in Washington should have the opportunity to live in a safe, healthy, affordable home. To learn more click here.

Housing and Essential Needs (HEN): HEN is an assistance program for some individuals recieving state funded medical care services.  HEN provides limited rent and utility assistance, cleaning supplies, help with transportation costs, and personal health and hygiene items for disabled and low-income persons in our community.  This program is a lifeline for homeless and low-income women with disabilities and ensures access to stable housing when during times of extreme economic hardship.  To learn more click here.

Access to Affordable Physical/Mental/Dental Health Services:  The needs of the women and children we serve are unique and varied; however access to affordable health care is paramount in securing their long-term stability.  To learn about medical services click here.  To learn about mental health services click here.

Contact the Spokane City Council here.

Find your legislator here.

Contact your senator here.

Download a PDF for Congress and Legislature contacts here.