Our Mission

Transitions works to end poverty and homelessness for women and children in Spokane.


We pursue this mission through the operation of Women's Hearth, Transitional Living Center, EduCare, Miryam's House, New Leaf Kitchen & Café, and Home Yard Cottages.

Our Four Key Values

Respect For Human Dignity

We believe in the dignity and inherent worth of individuals and respect their right to self-determination.


We believe that the fullness of each person is realized in relationship with others.

Growth & Wholeness

We believe each individual is a work in progress on a journey toward integration of mind, body and spirit, with the hope of financial stability, emotional, physical and spiritual peace.


We believe in advocating for what is right, honest and moral both for whom we serve and with whom we serve.

Transitions is a 501 (c) (3) organization registered with the state of Washington (UBI 601435721). Our tax id number is 91-1307272.

Provide Change not Band-aids

Did you know 70% of people living in poverty in the United States are women and children? Let's change that statistic today. "We are truly conspiratorial, we really do mean to end poverty and homelessness for women and children in Spokane." Edie Rice-Sauer, Executive Director