Transitional Living Center

Transitional Living Center (TLC) is dedicated to helping homeless women with children create stability in their lives.  TLC is a transitional housing program in which participating families may live for up to twenty-four months.  We have one, two and three bedroom apartments.  In order to qualify for services a family must be homeless according to HUD standards, meaning living on the streets, in a car, in a shelter, in other transitional housing, have a current eviction notice or fleeing domestic violence.  Each family must be motivated to create change in their life and willing to make a commitment towards addressing the issues that resulted in their homelessness.  TLC works with the family as a whole and provides a safe environment in which the family may heal, grow and stabilize. 

Transitional Living Center Provides:

  • Case Management designed to create stability
  • 15 units: 1, 2, 3 bedroom apartments
  • Life Skills Trainings
  • On-site Computer/Technology Center
  • On-site Childcare
  • Family Focused Program-Parenting Support
  • Supportive community environment


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Transitional Living Center
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